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    Photo Credit: Metro Transit
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    Photo Credit: Metro Transit
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    Photo Credit: Metropolitan Council

Draft locally preferred alternative approved

The Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) voted on October 12 to approve a Technical Advisory Committee recommendation for a modern streetcar route along West 7th Street as the draft locally preferred alternative or “LPA” for creating a new transit connection between downtown Saint Paul, a number of different neighborhoods, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and the Mall of America. The PAC also voted to undertake a separate study of a fixed-route transit connection through the Ford site. You can review the details of the PAC recommendation and next steps toward approval of the draft locally preferred alternative in the meeting packet.

You can also review the PAC meeting packetPublic Engagement Summary Report #4 and other study documents in the “Documents” section of this website.

Modern streetcar videos

People in the Minneapolis – Saint Paul region are familiar with bus transit. Metro Transit’s A Line offers a working example of arterial bus rapid transit. But the region does not have a working example of modern streetcar. To get a glimpse of modern streetcar, take a look at this modern streetcar video. The are important differences between streetcars and light rail transit. Streetcars do not require a dedicated right-of-way and can operate on streets in traffic on tracks embedded in the road that cars can drive on. Streetcars can operate in streets that also have turn lanes and on-street parking. When a streetcar is not present, the road is just the road. Also, streetcar vehicles are smaller than light rail trains and usually operate as single cars. View the video

In early 2017 several members of the PAC went to Kansas City, MO, to ride the Kansas City Streetcar and discuss the project with local officials and business owners. Streetcar is a transit mode that is not present in the Twin Cities, so it was a valuable experience for the PAC members to see how a streetcar operates and learn about how it has impacted the city.  You can experience a short trip on the KC Streetcar by watching this video.

About the Riverview Corridor

The Riverview Corridor is defined by the Mississippi River on the south, Interstate 35E and Ford Parkway on the north, Lowertown and Union Depot on the east, and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and Mall of America on the west. The corridor connects neighborhoods, historic districts, businesses, thriving commercial districts and the capitol city to each other and to the Twin Cities regional transportation network.

Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority is leading a study to make recommendations for transit improvements within the Riverview Corridor. This study is scheduled for completion in 2016. Learn more by visiting the transit study page, review study documents and get involved!

Riverview Corridor Overview Videos
The first video in a short series of Riverview Corridor videos highlights the corridor areas, transit needs and ways to get involved.

The second video looks at the development and economic opportunities that come with improved transit.

The third video highlights the need for reliable transit in the Riverview Corridor.


Committee Meetings

Next Policy Advisory Committee Meeting:
December 14, 2017 | 9:00 a.m.
First Floor Conference Room
Ramsey County Plato Building
90 Plato Blvd W, Saint Paul (map)

Next Technical Advisory Committee Meeting:
November 30, 2017 | 10:00 a.m.
Red Cap Room
Union Depot
214 East 4th Street, Saint Paul (map)

Upcoming Events

None Scheduled.

Transit Study

The Riverview Corridor connects neighborhoods, historic districts, businesses, thriving commercial districts and downtown Saint Paul to the regional transportation network. It includes Union Depot and Lowertown, downtown Saint Paul, Upper Landing, West 7th Neighborhood, Highland Park Neighborhood, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Bloomington’s South Loop and the Mall of America.

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Policy Advisory Committee

The Riverview Corridor study is guided by a group of policy makers and technical experts.

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Get Involved

Your comments, ideas and participation will help shape the results of the Riverview Corridor Pre-Project Development Study. You can participate in many ways. Sign up for email updates, participate in public meetings and open houses, talk with your elected officials and share your thoughts with us by phone, email or social media.
Use the Get Involved page to sign up for our emails, check the schedule for upcoming meetings, submit comments, join in the Facebook conversation or look at media coverage of the study.
We look forward to your participation.

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