A variety of documents will be produced throughout the course of the Riverview Corridor Pre-Project Development Study and posted on the Study Documents page as they become available. To be notified when new documents are posted, sign up for email updates.

Pre-Project Development Study Documents

New Public Engagement Summary Report #5
Project Report: Operations and Maintenance Cost Estimating Methodology | Feb. 2017
Project Report: Capital Cost Methodology | Feb. 2017
Preliminary Concepts Booklet | Jan. 2017
Most Promising Alternatives Booklet | Jan. 2017
Existing Traffic Data
Summary of Pinch Points
Project Definitions
Concept Alignment – Hybrid
Concept Alignment – Dedicated Transit on West 7th
Concept Alignment – CP Rail
Pinch Point Maps
Initial Screening Results | Summary
Initial Screening Results | Overview
Riverview Corridor Vision: Public Engagement Activities Summary – May 2015
Tech Memo #1: Previous and Work-in-Progress Transportation Planning
Tech Memo #2: Transit Travel Demand Market Analysis
Tech Memo #2: Transit Travel Demand Market Analysis Appendix
Tech Memo #3: Development Market Analysis
Tech Memo #4: Purpose and Need
Tech Memo #4: Purpose and Need Appendix
Tech Memo #5: Exec Summary Initial Screening
Universe of Alternative Alignments
Public Engagement Summary Report #2
Public Engagement Summary Report #3
Public Engagement Summary Report #4
Transit Mode in the Detailed Analysis

General Project Information

Riverview Corridor Fact Sheet Рupdated 8/15/2017
Transitway Development Process

Fall 2014 Open House Summary
Public Engagement Plan
Examples of Transit Vehicles | Videos
Riverview Schedule and Process Overview

Riverview Corridor Overview Videos

The first video in a short series of Riverview Corridor videos shares information about a new transit study taking place along a 12-mile route between the Union Depot in downtown Saint Paul and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and the Mall of America. This video highlights the corridor areas, transit needs and ways to get involved.

The second video looks at the development and economic opportunities that come with improved transit.

The third video highlights the need for reliable transit in the Riverview Corridor.

Riverview Corridor Major Investment Study Reports

2000 Riverview Corridor Major Investment Study – Draft Executive Summary
Riverview Corridor MIS Public Involvement Report 2000