Get Involved.

Get Involved

Your comments, ideas and participation will help shape the results of the Riverview Corridor Pre-Project Development Study. You can participate in many ways:

Upcoming Events

None Scheduled.

Previous Events

November 2017 Open House + Public Hearing
Open House + Public Hearing Boards
Open House + Public Hearing Handouts
Comment Sheet
Open House + Public Hearing Presentation

Summer 2017 Community Meetings
Community Meeting Boards – Part 1 | Part 2
Community Meeting Handouts
Comment Sheet
Community Meeting Presentation

March 2017 Highland Park Neighborhood Meeting
Neighborhood Meeting Boards – Part 1 | Part 2
Neighborhood Meeting Presentation

March 2017 Minneapolis Neighborhood Meeting
Neighborhood Meeting Boards
Neighborhood Meeting Presentation

November 2016 Community Meeting
Community Meeting Boards
Community Meeting Presentation
Community Meeting Comment Sheet

Spring 2016 Community Meetings + Walking Tours
Community Meeting Boards
Community Meeting Handouts
Community Meeting Initial Screening Results Map
Community Meeting Pinch Point Maps

Winter 2015 Community Meetings
Draft Initial Screening Results | Overview
Draft Initial Screening Results | Summary
Draft Initial Screening Results | Full Report
Community Meeting Presentation
Community Meeting Boards

Summer 2015 Community Meetings
Community Meeting #2 Summary
Community Meeting Comment Sheet
Community Meeting Presentation
Community Meeting Boards
Open House Community Meetings Flyer
Tech Memo #4: Draft Purpose and Need Document
Draft Riverview Corridor Alignments
Draft Riverview Downtown Alignments

Fall 2014 Open House Materials
Fall 2014 Open House Display Boards
Fall 2014 Open House Comment Sheet
Fall 2014 Open House Summary
Open House Flyer

Community Presentations
Met Council Transportation Committee Meeting Presentation – 11-13-2017
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Meeting Presentation – 09-19-2017
Fort Snelling JPA Meeting Presentation – 09-12-2017
St. Paul Transportation Committee to the Planning Commission – 09-11-2017
Highland District Council Board Meeting Presentation – 09-07-2017

Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority Board Meeting Presentation – 09-07-2017
MAC Jobs and Tenants Committee Meeting Presentation – 08-08-2017
Fort Snelling JPA Meeting Presentation – 06-13-2017
Minneapolis Park Board Meeting Presentation – 06-07-2017
Saint Paul City Council Meeting Presentation – 05-24-2017
Joint Bloomington City Council/Port Authority Meeting – 11-02-2016
I-35W Solutions Alliance 09-08-2016
CapitolRiver Council Annual Meeting 06-22-2016
Fort Snelling Joint Powers Board 06-14-2016
American Society of Civil Engineers 05-25-2016
Townhomes at River Heights 03-28-2016
Saint Paul Port Authority 01-15-2016
MAC CSAC 01-14-2016
Highland Transportation Committee Meeting 01-12-2016
Visit Saint Paul 01-12-2016
Fort Snelling Joint Powers Board 01-11-2016
Saint Paul Transportation Committee 01-11-2016
Community Update Meeting 12-09-2015
Downtown Routing Workshop 12-08-2015
CapitolRiver Council Planning Committee 11-9-2015
SEIU Healthcare Minnesota 9-10-2015
Highland Business Association 8-27-2015
Highland District Council Transportation Committee 7-14-2015
West 7th/Fort Road Federation District Council 7-13-2015
MAC Customer Service Action Council
City of St. Paul 6-24-2015
West 7th Business Association 6-30-2015
City of Bloomington
Visit Saint Paul
Saint Paul Downtown Alliance
Fort Road Federation Annual Meeting
Highland District Council Transportation Committee 3-10-15
ARISE Project Update February 26, 2015
West 7th Street/Fort Road Federation Board Meeting February 9, 2015
Highland District Council Community Presentation February 5, 2015
CapitolRiver Council Project Update Meeting January 21, 2015
Community Presentation ARISE October 7, 2014
Neighborhood Meeting, Jewish Community Center, September 9, 2014

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