Transit Study.

Riverview Corridor Transit Study Schedule

The Riverview Corridor study team is busy developing draft alignment concepts, typical cross sections, and the visual modelling products to describe the Riverview Corridor alternatives.  This work is important to the technical screening and detailed evaluation of the alternatives and takes time to prepare.  The study team wants the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) and area stakeholders to have ample time to understand the draft alignment concepts, how they will be evaluated, and to get answers to their questions.  To ensure the Riverview Transit Study is a data-driven, transparent process, a revised draft schedule has been developed.

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Riverview Corridor Pre-Project Development Study

The Riverview Corridor is defined by the Mississippi River on the south, Interstate 35E and Ford Parkway on the north, Lowertown and Union Depot on the east, and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP Airport) and Mall of America on the west. The corridor connects neighborhoods, historic districts, businesses, thriving commercial districts and the capitol city to each other and to the Twin Cities regional transportation network.

Riverview Corridor has been an important commercial transportation route since before Minnesota became a state. One hundred fifty years of transportation in the corridor has helped support the development of commercial and residential districts from downtown Saint Paul and along West 7th Street. This has included a variety of manufacturing, industrial, and commercial activity, as well as a mix of different housing types.

Today, the corridor is growing and evolving. It includes established commercial districts and growing residential districts, often in close proximity. Many current and future redevelopment opportunities are occurring in downtown Saint Paul, along the eastern end of West 7th Street, in Highland Park, at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and near the Mall of America. These include the Schmidt Brewery neighborhood, Island Station, Victoria Park, Shepard-Davern, the former Ford plant site and Bloomington’s South Loop.

Both the eastern end and the western ends of the corridor are connected by light rail to downtown Minneapolis. The only transit between downtown Saint Paul and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport or Mall of America is the Metro Transit 54 bus. Other Metro Transit routes provide partial service within the corridor.

The Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority is leading a transit study to research, analyze and identify opportunities to improve transit within the Riverview Corridor. The formal name for this work is a Pre-Project Development Study. The study will assess the viability of transit modes, transit route location, engineering and environmental issues, community needs and preferences, and estimated costs. The transit study will take into account existing information development in earlier transit related research. Previous studies include:

Policy makers will use the transit study results to select a locally preferred alternative for the corridor. The locally preferred alternative is then studied in much greater detail.

Stakeholder engagement is critical to the success of the study. The Riverview Corridor transit study includes an extensive public engagement and outreach effort to assure community input helps to inform the study’s vision and the results of the analysis.

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